Jul 17, 2018

vote by show of hands

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under what situations can we vote by show of hands instead of by poll?

Aug 7, 2018

MB Listing Rules 13.39 (4) states that "Any vote of shareholders at a general meeting must be taken by poll except where the chairman, in good faith, decides to allow a resolution which relates purely to a procedural or administrative matter to be voted on by a show of hands."


Procedural and administrative matters include, for example, adjourning a meeting by resolution to:

(a) ensure orderly conduct of the meeting. (e.g. if the meeting facilities to house the number of members attending has become inadequate); or (b) maintain the orderliness of the meeting, e.g. if it becomes impossible to ascertain the views of the members, or there is disorder or threat of disorder from members or if there is a disturbance caused by members or the uninvited public; or (c) respond to an emergency such as a fire, a serious accident or hoisting of tropical cyclone warning signal No. 8 during a meeting; or (d) announce results at the end of the annual general meeting.

FAQ Series 17, FAQ No. 14 LR reference: Main Board Rules Note to Rule 13.39(4) / GEM Rules Note to Rule 17.47(4)