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大廈公契 、《建築物管理條例》、及相關案例剖析講座

​講者: 鄒學林大律師

​本講座旨在為學員提供基礎大廈管理法律知識,協助學員迅速掌握 《建築物管理條例》要點和剖析相關案例,讓學員能爲業主立案法團的客戶提供大廈管理法律意見。

日期: 您可以在方便的時候隨時觀看

時長:1.5 小時     費用:320港元

語言:廣東話       水平:中級

會計師和公司秘書的CPD分:1.5 CPD分(並未申請活動認證,因為參與者可以根據相關CPD規則獲得其專業團體的CPD分。)

律師的 CPD 分:已獲香港律師會確認 1.5 CPD 分

Step 1

Please press the green 'Payment' button and make payment by credit card.  You will get the password after payment.

You may then click here to download the handouts:

Step 2


Please enter your name to be printed on the attendance certificate before you start viewing.  Please view the entire video (the duration of viewing and other information may be tracked). 


After you finish viewing, please take the quiz immediately, so we could timestamp the finish time.  

Step 3

Take the Quiz.  In order to obtain the attendance certificate, you are required to answer 10 questions at the end of the course and have at least 7 questions answered correctly.  If you pass the test, you will receive the attendance certificate by email within one month.  If you fail, you may take Quiz B:

Step 4

Please fill in the evaluation form after completing the course.

Remark: You will receive two auto-generated emails immediately upon payment for an e-seminar.  The "Thanks" email contains the password which will enable you to have access to the video and the course materials.  If you do not receive that email, please e-mail to "" or whatsapp: (852) 9230 3525 to request for the password.

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