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your one-stop solutions Centre

Together with our Trusted Partners, we provide the best solutions to you.  Please contact your Trusted Partner, Maria Kwan, for more information (mobile: 9230 3525; email:

Below are some of the services we offer:

AML compliance 

  • Preparation for AML Procedures Manual

  • Annual compliance review

Computer Forensics

  • Recovery of lost, deleted data from normal or damaged hardware

  • Acquisition of data from computers and other electronic storage media

  • Data analysis and key word search in multiple languages

  • Installation of high performance internal audit software and related training

ESG Reporting

​We would assist you and engage your stakeholders in incorporating the best business practices on Environmental, Social, and Governance aspects as part of your operational strategies.  We also work with you to prepare an ESG and sustainability report that meets and surpasses the regulator’s requirement for public disclosure.

Investigation and litigation support

  • Litigation support for insurance, civil, criminal and matrimonial cases

  • Intellectual property infringement investigations

  • Asset tracing and recovery

  • Process serving

  • Locating individuals

Investigation and business intelligence

  • M&A project due diligence

  • Background check of potential business partners

  • Pre-employment screening for staff intended for senior or sensitive positions

  • Fraud/Bribery investigation

In-house training 



  • tailor-made directors' training

  • tailor-made staff training



  • Risk assessment and review of existing security measures

  • Risk mitigation consultancy

  • Surveillance

Valuation Services

​Together with our Trusted Partners, we provide valuation services for Initial Public Offering, Financial Reporting, Mergers and Acquisitions and Litigation Support that meet the regulatory requirements in a professional, efficient and cost-effective manner.

*Professional Development Resources Centre Limited may receive referral fees from our Trusted Partners and other third parties.

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